Who We Serve

A wide variety of clients rely on us for our investing expertise

We serve a diverse client roster including endowments and foundations, family offices, and pensions and financial institutions, all aligned with us in the commitment to preserve and grow long-term capital.

+   Endowments & Foundations

  • Our endowment and foundation clients rely on us to meet multiple objectives, including growth, preservation of assets and consistent payout to fund ongoing institutional requirements. We offer a range of services, including providing primary exposure to alternative investments and delivering fully outsourced investment management.  With transparency as a key tenet of our firm, we offer detailed reporting synched to client governance requirements.
  • Makena serves as the outsourced investment office, in the role of Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, for institutions seeking senior investment leadership and expertise to complement internal resources.  We draw upon our experience managing transitions for complex endowment and foundation portfolios.
  • In addition to serving our clients, our firm’s Managing Directors and investment professionals serve as Board and Investment Committee members for leading endowments and foundations. In this capacity, we experience first-hand the critical issues facing fiduciaries today.
  • Endowments and foundations comprise a sizeable portion of our investment base, reflecting the heritage of our firm, which was founded by principals from leading North American endowments and foundations.

+   Financial Advisors and Family Offices

  • We help advisors improve portfolio diversification and risk-adjusted returns for their clients by providing them with immediate access to private assets via a fully mature portfolio constructed of elite fund selected by our experienced investment team.
  • Your dedicated Makena team works closely with family members, investment office staff and professional advisors to structure investment solutions that take into account the family’s long-term objectives through a holistic lens that incorporates existing investments and future liquidity needs.
  • Makena offers administrative simplicity across a broad range of diversified investments; clients receive a single K-1 across their diversified portfolio, and Makena seeks to minimize cash flows and operational complexity.
  • Our pooled vehicles align interests among our diverse client base because all clients receive the same pro-rata allocation to every investment that Makena makes. All clients receive the same portfolio reporting and ongoing communications detailing Makena’s market perspectives and investment themes. Additionally, substantial capital from both Makena employees and the Makena Board of Directors is invested alongside our clients’ capital in our pooled investment vehicles.

+   Financial Institutions and Pensions

  • Makena provides international financial institutions, including sovereign wealth funds and national pension funds, access to highly select investment managers in pooled investment structures with disciplined risk management, governance and transparency. The firm often serves as a benchmark for institutions applying best practices in investment strategy and organizational development.
  • We share critical thinking on challenging investment strategies, offering our investment expertise in support of broader portfolio initiatives. In response to demand from our global institutional clients, we periodically source co-investments and develop new, targeted investment vehicles to meet specific exposure requirements.
  • Serving international institutions with large pools of perpetual capital, which comprise a major component of our firm’s assets under management, is a cornerstone of our firm.