Family Offices

High net worth families often amass wealth through the success of a single company or within a single industry, meaning a significant portion of the family’s wealth is concentrated in a single asset. However, this level of concentration presents a potential threat to the family’s long-term wealth preservation.

We work with several family offices to build diversified investment portfolios intended to preserve and grow capital for multiple generations. Makena’s investment expertise is a powerful complement to the family’s drive and determination, which are essential to achieve such levels of success.

  • We manage over $5 billion on behalf of UHNW families with whom we partner as an Outsourced CIO, Private Asset Partner, or Complementary Allocation.
  • Our value-add extends beyond investing; we welcome family members and staff onsite for investment and operational training
  • We provide access to our network of third-party service providers, which our clients leverage as an extension of their Makena partnership
  • Family office clients are invited to participate in Makena-hosted “round tables” which serve as both educational opportunities and networking events for our client base
  • We embody client partnership, having referred investment staff to family offices as they build their internal investment capabilities