Endowments & Foundations

Makena’s team of tenured investors from leading endowments and foundations carries deep expertise in managing long-term capital for multigenerational institutions. Balancing the aims of long-term capital appreciation with managing downside risk and meeting institutional funding obligations is central to our approach in serving clients. Makena’s distinctive structure affords a strong alignment of interests and promotes disciplined governance with our partners.

Makena works with endowments and foundations by providing holistic, endowment-style portfolio solutions as well as individual, asset class-specific solutions. Our expertise and multigenerational team provide the long-term perspective that our endowment and foundation clients need to achieve their goals.

  • We have over 50 endowment and foundation clients across the globe with whom we partner as an Outsourced CIO, Private Asset Partner, or Complementary Allocation.
  • Each client receives a dedicated Makena team with multiple points of contact
  • We prepare and deliver customized presentations in-person to your investment committee, analyzing portfolio performance, attribution and positioning
  • Clients receive on-demand assistance from the entire Makena team, across all functions
  • As needed, we assist in refining or creating an Investment Policy Statement