We employ a disciplined approach to strategic and tactical asset allocation to achieve broad, global diversification.

Founded by principals from leading North American endowments and foundations, we manage portfolios guided by the core tenets of the endowment model, designed to balance near-term payout needs with future growth objectives.

We serve endowments and foundations, family offices, and pensions and financial institutions, with perpetual capital that is intended to fund future generations by maintaining an ongoing legacy through the protection of principal. In pursuing this mission, we seek to create durable portfolios to achieve long-term growth with the preservation of capital for sustained performance.

  • Global Diversification. We invest across a full range of asset classes, geographies and strategies building highly diversified portfolios balancing risk and return.
  • Active Management. We access both exceptional managers and opportunities worldwide, often in illiquid and/or inefficient sectors.  We draw upon our long-standing industry relationships and asset class expertise in manager selection, oversight and opportunity structuring.
  • Alternative Investments. We have considerable experience in the alternative investment space through which we have established relationships with some of the most preeminent managers in the alternative investment business. We believe that alternative investments, which we define as talented global investors who target traditional and non-traditional asset classes, can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns and play an integral role in helping long-term investors achieve their investment goals.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation. We maintain a steady policy of strategic and tactical asset allocation supported by disciplined rebalancing. This enables our investment professionals to respond to market dynamics while remaining anchored to our long-term goals.
  • Benefits of Scale. We offer pooled investment vehicles that take advantage of our scale and long-term investment horizon, structured to provide each client access to our high-conviction managers in a risk-managed framework.