We employ a disciplined approach to strategic and tactical asset allocation to achieve broad, global diversification.

Our investing strategy is built on decades of experience managing the endowments of leading North American universities. We invest globally across multiple asset classes, including Private Equity & Venture Capital, Real Estate, Natural Resources, Absolute Return, Listed Equity and Fixed Income. Our core competencies include: 

  • Manager Selection We have deep relationships with the world’s most elite investment managers, allowing us to obtain exclusive allocations and to have ongoing conversations with the greatest minds in investing. 
  • Private and Alternative Investments We have considerable experience investing in a range of private and alternative investment strategies through which we have established relationships with some of the most preeminent managers in the investment business. We believe that private and alternative investments, which we define as actively managed strategies targeting niche investment opportunities, can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns and play an integral role in helping long-term investors achieve their investment goals.
  • Balanced Diversification Our portfolios are thoughtfully diversified across strategy, geography and asset class to balance the short-term and long-term risks inherent in managing long-term capital. Our balanced approach to diversification implies that we do concentrate capital in our highest conviction investment opportunities as “over-diversification” can dilute long-term returns.
  • Risk Management Our focus on risk and liquidity management is integral to the disciplined investment process at Makena.  Our comprehensive risk management program is designed to mitigate undue downside risk, limit volatility and carefully manage liquidity utilizing proprietary tools and strategies.
  • Benefits of Scale We offer pooled investment vehicles that take advantage of our scale and long-term investment horizon, structured to provide each client access to our high-conviction managers in a risk-managed framework.