Invest in our mature, evergreen private asset portfolios, or our flagship multi-asset class, globally-diversified endowment portfolio

Makena offers clients a range of investment solutions designed to provide exposure to high quality private and alternative assets. The unique evergreen structure of Makena’s pooled investment vehicles allows clients to quickly and efficiently gain the exposure they’re seeking – including immediate exposure to mature private assets – while at the same time aligning the interests of our clients by mitigating any allocation conflicts. Makena’s investment solutions include:

+   Mature, Evergreen Private Asset Portfolios

Makena’s evergreen private asset portfolios offer clients exposure to a portfolio of high-quality private assets diversified across vintage year, strategy and geography. Our evergreen structure provides immediate exposure, meaning clients get to skip the multi-year portfolio construction process required to build a private assets portfolio. Our private asset portfolios provide targeted exposure to Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Natural Resources.

+   Mature, Endowment Portfolio

Makena’s mature endowment portfolio is diversified across asset class, geography and vintage year with the goal of preserving and growing long-term capital after inflation and a 5% payout. Modeled after the endowments of North America’s leading universities with a significant allocation to private and alternative assets, our multi-asset class endowment portfolio leverages the manager selection and risk management expertise we developed during our team’s tenure at the Stanford Management Company. The endowment portfolio also utilizes and evergreen structure which provides immediate exposure to clients.

+   Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (“OCIO”)

Makena’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (“OCIO”) solution is a holistic portfolio management offering whereby Makena provides oversight and reporting across the client’s entire investment portfolio, including both legacy investments and investments in Makena vehicles. Each OCIO client has a dedicated Makena team including a portfolio manager (your dedicated CIO) and an investment analyst, in addition to the full support of Makena’s investment team and back office. Makena assists each OCIO client with underwriting an Investment Policy Statement which clearly defines the client’s specific investment objectives. The roles and responsibilities of Makena vs. the client’s Investment Committee are then agreed upon in a formal Investment Management Agreement.