We partner with firms of all sizes to help them achieve long-term, risk adjusted capital appreciation.

Makena Endowment Portfolio

The Makena Endowment Portfolio is an evergreen, endowment‐style portfolio designed to preserve and grow multigenerational capital. Our portfolio is strategically diversified across asset class, strategy and geography, utilizing Makena’s proven manager selection expertise and portfolio construction discipline. The Makena Endowment Portfolio offers an optional 5% annual distribution option designed to meet the payout requirements of our clients.

Makena Perpetual Funds

The Makena Perpetual Funds are evergreen portfolios which provide targeted exposures to private asset classes (private equity, venture capital, real estate and natural resources) and semi-liquid asset classes (long/short equity, emerging market equity and absolute return), utilizing Makena’s proven manager selection expertise and portfolio construction discipline. Makena’s Perpetual Funds provide investors access to a mature, cash‐flowing portfolio diversified across strategies, vintage years and geographies.

The Perpetual Funds uniquely provide investors immediate exposure to mature assets while mitigating the J-curve.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Makena’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (“OCIO”) solution is a holistic portfolio management offering whereby Makena provides implementation, oversight and reporting across the client’s entire investment portfolio, including both legacy investments and investments in Makena vehicles, to meet long-term investment objectives.

Our OCIO client interaction model is fully customizable; clients can tailor their services and level of engagement to match their investment objectives, governance structure and reporting requirements. Each OCIO client receives a dedicated Makena team responsible for both the day-to-day management and long-term success of your portfolio.

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