Manager Selection & Due Diligence

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Our Manager Selection process invariably begins with our extensive network of both General Partners and Limited Partners developed through our collective industry experience.

This network supplies our Investment Team with high quality deal flow which competing investors do not have; it is our unique network that provides unique investment access. Our long-term orientation and partnership approach distinguish Makena as a sought-after and value-add investor among investment managers.

As our Investment Team progresses towards a formal investment recommendation, our Due Diligence process escalates. Due Diligence at Makena is a cross functional and ongoing assessment which involves our Investment, Compliance/Legal, Accounting, Tax and IT teams. Findings are aggregated into a formal report which is included in all Investment Committee Memoranda. Importantly, Due Diligence at Makena is never “complete.” Investment managers, and their vendors, are subject to annual reviews, the findings of which are summarized and presented to the Investment Committee.

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