Investing for Future Generations

Our Mission is to achieve the multi-generational goals and aspirations of our clients through the stewardship of our firm, our clients' capital, and our relationships.


Our Core Values

1. Thoughtful Stewardship

We commit to the highest professional standards as fiduciaries of our clients’ capital and our firm. We strive to achieve common goals through aligned interests and strong partnerships.

2. Commitment to Excellence

We are focused on excellence in all aspects of our business, inclusive of investment performance, client relationships, and operational excellence. We continuously reflect, improve our approach, and mitigate risk to be the best stewards and fulfill our mission to our clients and colleagues.

3. Collaborative Teamwork

We take a constructive, team-oriented approach to bring to bear our expertise, creativity, and network to reach solutions with rigor, empathy, and efficiency.

4. People Leadership

People are the core of what we do and who we are. We invest time, effort, and resources into developing our colleagues at all levels of our firm. In our effort to develop the next generation of leaders and investors, we empower a diverse group of colleagues across teams and tenures, and cultivate caring, exceptional professionals who create inclusive and respectful environments for all colleagues.

5. Entrepreneurship

We welcome innovation and forward-thinking, and create an environment where strategic risks and new ideas are celebrated. We understand that our world is constantly evolving and requires agility in our approach. We are curious to grow and deepen our business and embrace problems with ingenuity, strategic thought, and action.

Makena Team

How We Invest

Investment Philosophy

Rooted in the endowment style of investing, we seek balanced diversification in order to protect and grow multigenerational capital over the long term.

Portfolio Solutions

Makena specializes in constructing alternative asset class portfolios of high-quality investment opportunities.

Manager Selection & Due Diligence

Manager selection and due diligence are our core competencies; benefit from our expertise.

Responsible Investing

Every investment we make is subject to our Responsible Investing Framework.

Portfolio Solutions

Our alternative investing experience spans decades. Invest in our asset class portfolios on a stand-alone basis or as a holistic, endowment-style portfolio. Or, let us build you a custom portfolio as part of our Outsourced CIO service.



Who We Serve

Endowments & Foundations

Capital preservation and growth after a payout

Family Offices

Your investment partner for the next generation

Pensions & Sovereign Wealth Funds

An extension of your capabilities

December 31, 2022 in Research

Makena 2022 Sustainability Report

Makena believes that identifying and advancing material factors related to environmental stewardship, social impact, and corporate governance can improve shareholder returns. Our sustainable investment framework starts with and is rooted in our fiduciary responsibility to deliver the highest risk-adjusted, long-term returns for our investors.
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June 20, 2022 in Research

2021 Annual Letter

This letter reflects on this new regime and addresses how we are responding to these heightened risks and “changed facts,” while still adhering to our core principle of being a long-term investor. The bottom line: we still have no edge in predicting these macro and geopolitical events, but we’re concerned that the dispersion of market outcomes has increased and that the compensation for risk is lower than it was a couple of years ago. Therefore, we have dialed back our risk levels and are being more cautious about rebalancing, unlike our approach to managing the portfolio in the spring of 2020. We still like the balance in our portfolio, which will help us navigate both inflationary and low-growth disinflationary environments.
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May 16, 2022 in In The News

Larry Kochard on Capital Allocators Podcast

Makena Capital Management’s Larry Kochard joined Ted Seides and the Capital Allocators podcast for an engaging conversation on his path from endowment professor to Chief Investment Officer. Larry also offered insight on Makena Capital Management’s long-term investment approach and how investing in alternative assets – along with sourcing, due diligence, and manager selection – is a core competitive advantage of the firm. Listen to the full podcast here.
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