Complementary Allocation

Makena works with many clients who possess strong investment capabilities. We partner with these clients by providing complementary exposures that diversify their existing portfolios through investment in one or several of our vehicles. By diversifying the risk and return profile of an existing portfolio, we are increasing our clients’ likelihood of achieving investment success over the long term.

An allocation to Makena is an efficient way to access a mature portfolio of high-quality alternative investment opportunities; all underlying Makena investments are consolidated into a single line item within the client’s portfolio. Additionally, an allocation to Makena serves as a benchmark for your broader portfolio. As the client continues to make investments separate from their Makena allocation, Makena’s partnership allows the client to leverage our network and discuss new investment opportunities.

  • Immediately diversify an existing portfolio with high-quality, complementary exposures
  • Makena’s partnership offers the benefits of investment idea sharing and access to a unique team and network
  • Makena offers consultation with investment and operational professionals on matters ranging from investment deal flow (including co-investment opportunities) to tax structuring

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