Outsourced CIO

Many internal investment offices are held back by a limited budget and cumbersome legacy assets weighing down the existing portfolio. As a result, the office falls short in sourcing and selecting top-tier investments. Makena provides a one-stop shop to such burdened investors. We begin each partnership by creating a formal Investment Policy Statement that details the client’s specific investment objectives, asset allocation and decision-making processes.

A dedicated Makena “Outsourced CIO” team then manages the transition of the client portfolio, including legacy assets, to the one described in the Investment Policy Statement. Meanwhile, we build and provide customized reporting across the entire client portfolio to ensure we are meeting objectives. Makena is experienced at building durable portfolios; by partnering with Makena as your Outsourced CIO, you rest assured that your portfolio is in good hands.

  • Outsourced CIO partnerships are an extension of Makena’s holistic approach to investment management
  • At the beginning of our partnership, Makena works with the client Investment Committee to first define investment objectives, then create a plan to meet these objectives. The plan is memorialized in a customized Investment Policy Statement
  • A dedicated Outsourced CIO Makena team consists of an investment lead (your CIO), account manager, investment analyst, and back office professional
  • Makena’s value-add to our Outsourced CIO clients extends far beyond customized investment and reporting solutions; examples include onsite assistance with cash flow modeling, introductions and direct investments with our highest conviction managers, creation of custom investment vehicles, and leveraging Makena’s relationships with third party vendors

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