We apply robust asset allocation, rigorous manager selection and disciplined risk management with the goal of sustained long-term performance.

Our access to and experience in selecting an appropriate mix of managers, together with our disciplined use of strategic asset allocation and risk management, enhances our ability to build and manage globally-diversified portfolios.

As a firm offering long-term investment solutions, we invest globally across multiple asset classes, including Private Equity & Venture Capital, Real Estate, Natural Resources, Absolute Return, Listed Equity and Fixed Income. Our core competencies include:

  • Asset Allocation: We pursue a steady policy of strategic asset allocation, diversifying by asset class, geography, strategy and risk factor, supported by disciplined rebalancing.  We utilize a hedged approach and employ tactical execution to capitalize on shorter term market inefficiencies.
  • Manager Selection: With our large asset base, broad range of institutional clients and long-standing relationships throughout the industry, we are privileged to invest with skilled managers across the globe, often operating in illiquid and/or inefficient sectors where manager access is particularly important.
  • Risk Management: Our focus on risk and liquidity management is integral to the disciplined investment process at Makena.  Our comprehensive risk management program is designed to mitigate undue downside risk, limit volatility and carefully manage liquidity utilizing proprietary tools and strategies.